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Oh no, don’t call the police. I did not put a bomb in a box. Nope, exploding box is not the same as cube-shaped bomb .So this post won’t explain about wires, timers, explosions and such.

So what is exploding box? Well might be something new it was. An exploding box is called an explosion box because when you open the lid, the sides will fall and seemed like it exploded.

Explosion box is represent as a gift to anyone, filling the insides with photos, wishes, pictures, and sometimes printouts of screenshots and messages. This gift is memorable for your loved ones. It isavailable in different sizes. It depends on customer which size they prefer. It is available in different colors themes.

Color themes depend according to you occasion. You can gift these in the occasion of the birthday, anniversary, bridal shower, wedding, father & mother days etc. This is just a gift to express your feelings, to bring a smile on face. This gift is something unique to preset to someone.

It has multiple layers. Explosion Boxes are available on 1 layer, 2 layers and 3 layers, depends on the customer requirement. The quality of the pictures will be outstanding. You just need to book your order and email the pictures.

We give you guarantee when you order once, you will love it and from next time you will definitely shop from here.

Delivery for the Explosion boxes is available across Pakistan. These boxes are not available on Cash on Delivery, because this gift is something we made it on order according to the customer choice, color, and theme. Customer have to pay in advance to confirm the order.